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Resource Directory to Assist Women and Children Facing Violence in Mumbai

Jan 07, 2021 Download File

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, in partnership with the City Core Group (a Mumbai-based network of civil society organizations, lawyers and activists) has developed a resource directory aimed at women and child survivors affected by and/or facing violence as well as support persons or organizations based in Mumbai. The purpose of the directory is to assist survivors, police, lawyers and activists access stakeholders or support systems by providing the following:

  • Information of all CCG members who can be contacted by women and children affected by violence, including domestic violence survivors.
  • A complete list of service providers to which survivors can be referred.
  • Contact details of police stations and senior police officers of Mumbai Police.
  • List of Protection Officers under the Protection of Women under Domestic Violence Act, 2005.
  • List of Helpline Numbers

The directory is specific to Mumbai only and is also available in Hindi and Marathi.