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This Indian Prison data map provides pertinent information related to prisons in different states across India. An effort has been made to provide basic information on Criminal Justice Institutions, while also sharing data on the functioning of the Board of Visitors, Under Trial Review Committees, Legal Aid Services for Persons in Custody and basic data on Foreign Nationals in Indian Prisons in each state. 

Clicking individual state icons will provide links to information sheets on each. The information sheets have been prepared primarily from responses received by CHRI to applications filed under the Right to Information Act 2005. Additionally, secondary source data on prison, police, court and legal aid has also been used, specially for the preparation of the overview of criminal justice institutions. These include information from Prison Statistics India 2015, Crime in India 2016, Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India 2015, Data on Police Organization 2017, Bureau of Police Research and Development, National Legal Services Authority, Supreme Court of India Newsletter -- Court News April-June 2017.

These data sets have been collated and prepared by us as part of our national reports on these issues, and can be downloaded here. 

Guides to understand the information sheet can be downloaded below:-
1. Overview of Criminal Justice Institutions
2. Legal Aid
3. Under Trial Review Committee
4. Board of Visitors
5. Foreign National Prisoners