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Multimedia and Social Media

CHRI for long has used both broadcast mediums (radio, TV and the cinemas) and narrow cast mediums to create awareness on policing issues.

  • Radio Series: In 2007, CHRI had run a 13 part radio series at Vividha Bharati Network, covering 29 stations of the Hindi Belt.


  • CHRI also ran a 13 part radio series in Chattisgarh called Chinhari – Adhikar Au Zimmewari (Recognize - Your rights and Responsibilities in 2007 where the caller could call back to ask questions. The topics included concept of democratic policing, how register an FIR, arrest, police Detention, bail, search and seizure powers, complaints against police, RTI and police, crowd control and public order policing.


  • Cinema Spots: CHRI has developed a cinema spot on FIR and aired it in UP and Delhi. This spot highlights the citizen’s right in filing an FIR, the procedure of filing the FIR, and the need for a good police. The spots have been aired on various cinema halls acrosDelhi.
  • CHRI aired its cinema spot on female foeticide for 3 months covering all the cinema halls of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan that have high rates of female foeticide and the ratio of women and men are skewed.


  • CHRI also developed pilots for a TV-Series on legal literacy and citizen’s rights vis-à-vis police.


  • CHRI had planned a public campaign in Maharashtra through Police Reforms Watch based in Mumbai in 2014, CHRI implemented a multimedia campaign using cinema and radio. CHRI developed the creative content of the campaign inhouse,  the execution was done by the Media Ant, a brand of HayStack Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. that executes multimedia campaigns across India. It involved
  1. 27 unique slides with messages on better policing which were aired in over 50 cinema screens across the city from 26 September to 14 October 2014
  2. 20 jingles with messages on better policing which were played on three top radio channels from 6-14 October 2014


  • CHRI runs a facebook page specifically on police reforms in India for catalyzing interest in, and improving understanding of, better policing. CHRI moderates the page with regular news stories relating to the police including stories which demonstrate police malpractice and violations. The page also runs regular polls and shares info-graphics by way of engaging with the audience. It has nearly 70,000 likes.