What We do

Building The Capacity Of Partners & Networking

  • Mumbai: CHRI’s endeavour is to build the capacity and support existing partners and new partners and also network with new partners when opportunity arises. For example CHRI is supporting NAGAR in Mumbai to increase public awareness and demand for better policing and police reforms in Mumbai. CHRI’s support helps enables NAGAR to work towards this objective of better policing through its programme of Better Policing together with Police Reforms Watch, an informal coalition, through its Convener Dolphy D’Souza. Through the grant period, NAGAR is responsible for building and expanding cohort of interested and informed individuals and organizations watching developments on policing, increase engagement with the government and legislators on police reform, increase public awareness and support for better policing, and promote police-citizen interactions and partnerships.


  • Odisha: CHRI is also supporting Civil Society Forum on Human Rights (CSFHR) in Odisha especially for a campaign around the draft Odisha Police Bill. Through our support CSFHR has held workshops around the state informing people about the contents on the draft bill. They have also tried to influence the government on the need for public consultation and debate around the draft police bill.


  • Goa & Jammu and Kashmir (JK): CHRI also networked with CSO’s, media, lawyers and activists both in Goa and JK to ensure that the draft police bills in the respective states did not enact police acts in haste.