101 Questions on Prisons You Didn’t Know Whom to Ask

Jun 04, 2019 Download File

Prisons are closed spaces. Very little information is available on the daily lives and routines of prisoners. Additionally, very few people are interested in learning about the details of prison life unless they find themselves in one. This may mean that for many, questions they have on prisons, sparked either by curiosity or necessity, are often left unanswered. This book contains answers to 101 frequently asked questions on prisons and prisoners’ lives.

Indian Prisons vary considerably in the way they are governed and the rules they follow. This means that there is almost never a simple, concise answer to a question and the final reference has to be made to the prison manual of the particular state where a person is imprisoned. However, the underlying principles are often same, and answers in this booklet have been provided keeping these in mind. Answers are based on CHRI’s vast experience of working with the prison system in many states. Yet, due caution must be exercised while reading this book, as rules may differ in each state, and must be consulted specifically for the certain provisions. Omissions, if any, are unintentional; we have gathered material from publicly accessible sources and followed due diligence in the research.

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