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White Paper on Crime Mapping Study in Delhi

Dec 22, 2015

This  White Paper is the outcome of a collaboration between the Praja Foundation and the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative which presents comprehensive data, covering January to December 2014 on select parameters related to crime and policing in Delhi, namely: Crime statistics, including breakdowns by district and police station;Strength and shortfall of police personnel, with rank, district, and area-wise breakdowns;Complaints against police; Deliberations on crime and related issues by the Members of Parliament for Delhi and Status of the Delhi State Security Commission. Based on these parameters, our aim is to provide a holistic view, in very objective terms relying solely on official data, of the state of crime and policing in Delhi, including the record of oversight by Members of Parliament and the State Security Commission. In doing this, we also want to make hard to access data and information available to as wide an audience as possible.  A large part of public fear and distrust of the police is fed by little understanding of levels of crime, the police response, and the various reasons behind perceived poor police performance.  Much of this fear and distrust would dissipate if there was more transparency and easy access to information. On examining what the data reveals, the Delhi Police, policymakers, and oversight institutions can consider what correctives are needed to take the agenda of better policing for all – the public and the police itself – forward.