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“Rough Roads to Equality: Women Police in Bangladesh”: CHRI’s ground breaking report now in Bangla

Dec 13, 2016

The Bangla version of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative’s (CHRI) landmark report “Rough Roads to Equality: Women Police in Bangladesh” was launched in Dhaka, Bangladesh, at an event jointly organised by the Manusher Jonno Foundation and CHRI on 22 November, 2016. An English version of the report was released in the country a year ago.

The publication of a Bangla language version of the CHRI report is vital because Bangla is the official language of Bangladesh and is spoken and read by a majority of the population. We found our English language report had a limited audience and felt a pressing need to disseminate the report in the country of our focus: Bangladesh. We wanted women’s groups, civil society and media in the country to read it. 

This report throws a sharp light on the situation of women in policing in Bangladesh. It also champions the inclusion of women in policing on grounds that high-level police work can be performed by either gender. There is little evidence to support the prevailing tradition that policing is a ‘man’s work’ alone. 

The report was translated from English to Bangla by Showvik Das and proofread by Supriti Dhar. Bangladesh Event : Photos

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