On the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

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On the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Sep 11, 2022

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative joins other organisations in the Commonwealth family to express sadness at the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and sends its condolences to members of her family.

Described by Commonwealth leaders as having lived a life of dignity and service, one of the most noteworthy features of Queen Elizabeth’s reign was her role as head of the Commonwealth.

When Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne, the Commonwealth was transforming itself into a global grouping of free nations with a shared colonial past, language, and legal systems. It is now an association of 56 countries. While this number of members is impressive, it is only one part of the Commonwealth’s story. 

The Commonwealth is also a ‘family’ of organisations comprising a diverse range of interests, including health, law, education, journalism, the environment, sustainable development, and human rights. Queen Elizabeth described the Commonwealth as an ‘equal partnership of nations and races’. The establishment of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative in 1987 was representative of her belief in a modern Commonwealth encompassing people and communities across the world working with common aims of democracy, good governance and human rights. 

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative seeks to draw inspiration from Queen Elizabeth’s belief that the Commonwealth is primarily an association of its peoples, and will continue its efforts to advocate for the promotion and protection of their human rights.

8 September 2022

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative