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Jul 20, 2018 Download File

On Nelson Mandela Day, CHRI through this Jail Mail intends to raise awareness around issues relating to minimum standards which must be adhered to when incarcerating prisoners. Reiterating the focus areas and spirit of the Mandela Rules or United Nations Standard Minimum Rules (SMR) for the Treatment of Prisoners in 2015 (link to SMR), conditions of imprisonment/ incarceration must be improved and advocated for. One of the vulnerable sections comprise that of foreign nationals, as they may have migrated due to a host of reasons - war, strife, terror; but guarantees and protection standards have had little publicity. Extending communications channels and provision of legal assistance has not been uniformly implemented. This Jail Mail shares resources which may assist prison functionaries (Guide for Prison Officers – Refugees & Asylum Seekers’ ), lawyers (Defending Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Detention’ )  and foreign nationals (Frequently Asked Questions by Foreign Nationals in Indian Prisons’)