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Frequently Asked Questions by Indians Imprisoned Abroad

Jun 28, 2019

In our report "Bringing them Home", we documented the barriers faced by Indian prisoners in effectuating sentence transfers under the Repatriation of Prisoners Act 2003.  A consultation on the barriers was organised in July 2018 with key stakeholders including representatives from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, Narcotic Control Bureau etc., wherein one of the issues highlighted was lack of willingness of Indian prisoners in availing consular access or seeking transfers.  We further discussed that the primary reasons for this could be that many Indians imprisoned abroad are not aware of their right to consular access, sentence transfer to home country and other services that may be provided to them by the Indian missions.

To address these issues, we have recently developed a booklet for Indians who are imprisoned abroad. It answers questions on detention and consular access & transfer and repatriation to India - it focuses on addressing what all an Indian mission may do for its citizens in a foreign land; additionally it comprises of contact details on all the Indian missions abroad. Click here for Booklet.