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Criminal Procedure Bench book for Kenya

Sep 26, 2018 Download File

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative had produced an early draft of the Kenyan Manual for Katiba Institute. Eventually the project was taken under the wing of the Kenyan Judiciary, who raised the necessary funding. Katiba Institute retained a role in the project: it was overseen by a Technical Committee, Gazetted by the former Chief Justice, on which various Judges and Magistrates, as well as expert individuals from other bodies, served. Jill Cottrell Ghai of Katiba Institute was also a member, representing civil society. This was an active committee, not just a distant overseer, and therefore Katiba Institute was able to make a significant contribution to the final product.   While it has been designed by and for judges and magistrates, it is hoped that other players in the criminal justice system such as prosecutors, defence counsel, probation officers, children officers, police officers, accused persons and academics will find it useful.