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CHRI Petitions NHRC to investigate 15 deaths following alleged police excesses during COVID-19 lockdown

May 20, 2020 Download File

In the course of the national lockdown imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, excessive force by police has been captured in videos across states. Unfortunately, images and reported incidents of police assaulting and humiliating people out on the street for essential and non-essential purposes have been common from the first day of the lockdown. Most tragically, these police actions, as alleged by victim families, have led to deaths of their loved ones. Through a systematic scan of newspapers, CHRI has compiled a list of 15 deaths following police action in the period of 25 March to 30 April, 2020. These include deaths in police custody as well deaths subsequent to alleged beatings/canings by police in public, where either victims have succumbed to injuries or committed suicide. 
Based on this compilation, CHRI has sent a petition to the National Human Rights Commission, urging the NHRC to investigate these grave allegations against the police. 

The compilation of the 15 cases can be found here.