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State Level RTI : Goa


The Goa Right to Information Act 1997 was the second right to information law enacted in India, after Tamil Nadu. It was passed on 31 July 1997 and received Governor's assent on 29 October 1997. It is notable that the development of the law was the result of Government initiative and not a civil society campaign. However, while the Government was responsible for initiating the Bill, civil society, led by the Goa Union of Journalists, was active in responding to the shortcomings in the Act as initially passed. Journalists protested in the Assembly against penal provisions they feared could be used against the Press. Consequently, the objectionable provisions were amended by the Government soon after the initial enactment of the law.

In May 2005, the national Right to Information Act 2005 was passed by Parliament. The RTI Act 2005 received Presidential assent on 15 June and came fully into force on 12 October 2005. (For more information on the passage of the Act and implementation at the national level, click here.) The RTI Act 2005 covers all Central, State and local government bodies and will apply to public authorities in Goa.

It is not clear at this time whether the Goa Right to Information Act 2002 will be repealed. Notably though, the Goa Government has started implementing the RTI Act 2005. The Government issued the Goa Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost) Rules, 2006.

For a list of Public Information Officers and Appellate Authorities designated by the State Government, click here.

Details of Fee & Costs


Rs 10

Mode of payment

Cash against receipt /demand draft/ bank cheque.

Additional Fees:

A-4 / A-3 paper created or copied

Rs 2 per page

Printed Publication

Price so fixed or Rs 2 per page of photocopy for extracts

Large size paper

Actual cost


Rs 50

Sample, models

Actual cost

Inspection of records

First hour free, Rs 5 for each subsequent hour or a fraction thereof

Second Appeals and complaints against non-disclosure of information may be filed with the Goa State Information Commission.

State Information Commission Contact Details

Kamat Towers,Seventh Floor,
Patto-Plaza, Panaji, Goa, PIN 403001.
Ph. 0832-2437880. Fax 0832-2438109
Email: spio-gsic.goa@nic.in

Website: http://www.gsic.goa.gov.in/

Newsupdates, Activities & Advocacy

  • The Goa Government has issued Fee and Appeal Rules under the RTI Act 2005 setting in place the procedures for filing applications and appeals with various departments of the government.
  • The Goa Cabinet has approved the setting up of a State Information Commission under the RTI Act 2005. The Chief Minister told media persons the process would begin from 12 October 2005. He said the State Government was awaiting the finalisation of rules and regulations for setting up the commission from the Centre.
  • The Goa Government has taken some initial steps to prepare for implementation of the Central Right to Information Act 2005. A high level meeting was called in the State, chaired by the Chief Secretary, Ms. Kiran Dhingra to discuss the modalities to be adopted for the Act's implementation. It was reported I the media that the meeting took into account the earlier preparations made by departments for implementation of the Goa RTI Act. It was decided to authorise heads and deputy heads of departments to act as PIOs and APIOs. The Goverment is also considering empowering Secretaries to act as the first Appellate Authority.


Resources & Articles



  • CHRI (2005) Forwarding Information Requests and Appeals: A Step by Step Guide for Assistant Public Information Officers under the Right to Information Act 2005, prepared by Mr Venkatesh Nayak.
  • CHRI (2005) Processing Information Requests: A Step by Step Guide for Assistant Public Information Officers under the Right to Information Act 2005, prepared by Mr Venkatesh Nayak.