What We do

South Asia Network

CHRI launched the South Asia Right to Information Advocates Network (SARTIAN) in 2007, in order to strengthen the access to information movement in the South Asian region, and to have a platform to exchange experiences and information regarding the Right to Information (RTI).

The RTI movement has been active in South Asia for over a decade. While working for the promotion of RTI legislation in India, CHRI initiated efforts, through regional workshops and similar activities, to encourage civil society interest in other South Asian countries. CHRI has consistently engaged with both civil society and governments in the countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives to ensure the adoption of RTI legislation.

SARTIAN is primarily a virtual group of over 200 members, communicating through an Internet forum. The network aims to promote regular interaction between civil society actors across the region, build solidarity among networks of advocates from civil society and the media, and benefit from discussions, debates, experience, to give each other advice and support when faced with obstacles. It is also a forum for participants to exchange ideas on how best to make use of right to information laws in order to increase accountability and transparency in public bodies.