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The Commonwealth ROADMAP to SDG 8.7

Dec 07, 2018

Meeting the ambition of Sustainable Development Goal Target 8.7 (SDG 8.7) is intrinsically linked to the eradication of all forms of exclusion, exploitation, and human rights abuses which in turn requires societies that are more equal, more resilient, and more tolerant, with real pathways to upwards social mobility. The Commonwealth Heads of Government recognised this fact and so, included ending contemporary forms of slavery in the CHOGM 2018 Communiqué.

Commonwealth states have shown a strong commitment to action under SDG 8.7;especially in terms of ratifying relevant international instruments and strengthening domestic legal frameworks. However, much remains to be done. There has been an uncoordinated response across all areas of action. The key response gaps identified are: ensuring effective implementation of the legal frameworks; strengthening legislative and policy obligations for the prevention and eradication of contemporary forms of slavery in supply chains; developing National Action Plans; data gathering and evidence-based policy and response;decision-making; and monitoring and evaluating the quality of the government’s response. In addition, we found that there are gaps in protection of the most vulnerable populations, such as women and girls, people working in the informal sector, migrant workers, asylum seekers, refugees, and internally displaced persons who are susceptible to exploitation and modern
This report puts forward a comprehensive framework (‘roadmap’) to accelerate effective progress towards meeting the ambition of SDG 8.7