January 15, 2018 Events

CHRI hosts RTI Learning programme for Sri Lanka’s civil society representatives

When: Jan 15, 2017

Where: Delhi, India

January 10, 2018 Events

CHRI invites entries for its 2nd Human Rights Film Festival

December 07, 2017 Events

Sanjoy Hazarika at International Civil Society Week 2017, Fiji

When: Dec 04, 2017

Where: Fiji

November 30, 2017 Events

CHRI’s International Advisory Commission take stock of projects, discuss new strategies

October 25, 2017 Events

CHRI facilitates regional expert meet on RTI in Dhaka

November 09, 2017 Events

CHRI participates in BPR&D training workshop for judges, jailors and police officers

When:  Nov 7- 8, 2017

Where: Shillong, Meghalaya

October 25, 2017 Events

CHRI holds conference on using interactive technology for police training in Kathmandu

When: Oct 24-25, 2017

Where: Kathmandu, Nepal

November 06, 2017 Events

CHRI Director attends WISCOMP roundtable on Kashmir

November 02, 2017 Events

CHRI co-hosts roundtable on citizen-friendly policing in Tanzania

When: Oct 31, 2017

Where: Tanzania

October 27, 2017 Events

CHRI holds consultation on a policy e-repository on women police in India