September 09, 2018 Events

Concluded: Launch of CHRI national report on the state of legal aid in India entitled ‘Hope Behind Bars’

When:  Sep 09, 2018

Where: New Delhi. India

September 01, 2018 Events

Concluded: Workshop on RTI for civil society representatives in Bangladesh

When: Sept 1, 2018

Where: Bangladesh

July 31, 2018 Events

Concluded: Workshop on the use of RTI in Journalism in Bangladesh

When: Aug 31, 2018

Where: Bangladesh

September 19, 2018 Events

Concluded: Public meeting on Citizens' Right to Information, Issues and Perspectives

When: Sept 22, 2018
Where: The Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru, India

July 20, 2018 Events

Concluded: One-day consultation with stakeholders on Indian prisoners abroad

When: July 19, 2018

Where: New Delhi, India

July 17, 2018 Events

UNICEF India Representative at CHRI HQ

When: July 17, 2018

Where: CHRI, Delhi

July 02, 2018 Events

Brown bag with Ms. Maya Mirchandani

May 24, 2018 Events

Press briefing on Status Update : Shabbirpur Caste Violence, Lucknow, 19th May 2018

When: May 19, 2018

Where: UP Press Club

May 24, 2018 Events

Brown bag lunch with Mr Chaman Lal

When: May 23, 2018

Where: CHRI, Delhi

April 20, 2018 Events

Sanjoy Hazarika, International Director's remarks at CHRI's 30th anniversary reception at the House of Lords on 18th April

When: April 18, 2018

Where:  London