Team London - Head of Office

Sneh Aurora - Head of Office, Team London Office

Sneh Aurora is Head of the CHRI London office, and oversees all work including strategy development and planning, international advocacy, and CHRI’s Contemporary Forms of Slavery programme. When not leading the CHRI London office, Sneh works as a human rights consultant, with particular focus on strategy and programme development, programme management and evaluation, capacity building and facilitating organisational processes. Formerly a member of the management team of Amnesty International, she led its global human rights education programme, developing strategy, building capacity and providing technical expertise to over 50 Amnesty national offices. Holding a Juris Doctorate in Law, she has conducted extensive evidence-based research, and has participated in international and regional standard setting and policy development, including on the right to education and the rights of women. Sneh embraces rights-based approaches, participatory and learner-centred methodologies, social communication, and integrating a learning culture in organisations and institutions, with a sensitivity to gender issues. Sneh can be reached at