CHRI Quarterly Newsletter: April 2019

May 16, 2019 Download File


Dear readers,

We are happy to present the latest newsletter reporting on our activities over the past year, which witnessed both been a continuation of CHRI’s mandate as well as an expansion of its scope. In 2018, we researched newer subjects, undertook more research, launched several reports and met with human rights stakeholders from across fields and geographies. We also began a new initiative – the South Asia Media Defenders Network (SAMDEN), which, as it name suggests, is working to tackle issues of press freedom in the subcontinent. Our team too grew and evolved with us; while some moved on to other projects, we also welcomed new members into our fold.

All four programmes of our work -- Prison Reforms, Police Reforms, Access to Information, and the International Advocacy Programme – continued to be active and grow. In London, the programme on SDG 8.7 (modern day/contemporary slavery) has gathered momentum, visibility and strength while our Africa office in Accra, Ghana, the Secretariat of the Right to Information campaign in the country has been at the heart of a significant victory with the passage of Ghana’s long awaited RTI Act (after a delay of well over a decade); We salute their steadfastness and the solidarity of all groups as well as lawmakers who enabled the bill to succeed.

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