Team New Delhi - Access to Information

Venkatesh Nayak - Access to Information, New Delhi Office

Venkatesh Nayak is the Coordinator of the Access to Justice Programme and is presently a key public training resource on Right to Information across South Asia, Africa & the Caribbean. He has trained more than 6000 officers of government and more than 600 executives of public sector enterprises for implementing India’s new transparency law. Previously a Doctoral Research Fellow in History, he has authored research and public education documents on the right to information, the basic structure of the Indian Constitution, issues of social justice, electoral reforms, efficacy of public audit mechanisms and fact-finding mission reports on human rights violations.  He can be reached at

Sneha Chandna - Access to Information, New Delhi Office

Sneha Chandna is a research assistant with the Access to Information team. She has previously worked with Koshish (TISS field action project on Homelessness, beggary and Destitution), Centre for Equity Studies and Narmada Bachao Andolan. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and Masters in Social Work from Delhi School of Social Work, Delhi University. Her hobbies include reading and listening to music.She can be reached at

Gangotri Hazarika Nath - Access to Information, New Delhi Office

Gangotri Hazarika Nath is a Project Officer with the Access to Information Programme. She holds a Bachelors of Arts (B.A) degree in History (Honours) and a Bachelors of Law degree (LL.B) from Delhi University. Previously she worked with Human Rights Law Network as an Advocate specialising in Public Interest Litigation relating to Reproductive Rights & Health in the High Court of Delhi and Supreme Court of India. In her free time (when she is not hibernating) she loves listening to jazz music, cooking or arguing about the right repartition of food.She can be reached at