December 17, 2016

CHRI presents preliminary findings on the government’s efforts to fight corruption

How effective are the government’s efforts to combat corruption in India? According to the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) figures for 2015 released by Transparency International, India ranks 76th with a score of 38 out of 168 countries surveyed for people’s perceptions about corruption.

December 05, 2016

Pellet Guns in J&K: Queries on manufacture, sale, efficacy, not in public interest says government: A CHRI report

By Venkatesh Nayak Readers will remember my despatch from September this year, describing my efforts to find out details about the sale and the efficacy of anti-riot weapons- particularly pellet guns which have caused severe injuries to hundreds of youth in various parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

December 02, 2016

A CHRI Examination: Demonitisation 1978 vs 2016

By Venkatesh Nayak Readers will remember, on 8th November, 2016, the Government of India announced its decision to pull high value currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 denomination out of circulation, with immediate effect.

December 01, 2016

Union Ministers with cash in Hand? A CHRI enquiry

By Venkatesh Nayak With the exception of the Vice President of the Indian National Congress (INC) who queued up before a bank branch in Delhi to exchange a small sum of the demonetised notes for new ones, people did not see any other political leader from any other political party queueing up before banks like them with money in hand and worries in their minds about the uncertain future.

October 21, 2016

CHRI Deplores Attacks on RTI Activists

A few days ago the media reported yet another gruesome instance of murder of an RTI user in Mumbai. The Mumbai Police are said to have arrested two suspects including an ex-Corporator during their investigation of this incident. Scores of RTI users have lost their lives for seeking information of public interest. Hundreds have been attacked, assaulted, harassed and threatened.

October 13, 2016

Most ministries, government departments fail to obey transparency directive: CHRI finds

Only four central ministries and eight departments have complied with a cabinet secretariat transparency directive to proactively publish monthly summary of their work, a CHRI study has found.

September 28, 2016

CHRI marks Right to Know Day with, well, Information

Today, September 28, is International Right to Know Day. And, no, it’s not a holiday. We are glad to report that the fight to effect right to information laws in the Commonwealth has seen marked success this year. In 2016, Sri Lanka and Kenya enacted information access laws. So far 22 of the 53 Commonwealth member states have passed national level laws.

September 15, 2016

CHRI revives monthly RTI news digest

This digest of Right to Information (RTI) related news stories across South Asia is a Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) effort to present a monthly compilation of online media coverage on use of public information in the region.

August 22, 2016

Sri Lanka Right to Information Act

The Hon'ble Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka certified their RTI Bill as having been "duly passed by Parliament". With this certification, the RTI Bill has become law in Sri Lanka.

June 27, 2016

CHRI Objects to Removal of RTI Chapter from Rajasthan School Text Books

In May this year, the media reported the removal of a chapter relating to RTI and the contribution of the people's movement to the practical realisation of the fundamental right to information across the country from text books prescribed for middle school students in Rajasthan.  CHRI's Chairperson Mr.