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The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is an independent, non-partisan, international non-governmental organisation, mandated to ensure the practical realisation of human rights in the countries of the Commonwealth. In 1987, several Commonwealth associations founded CHRI because they felt that while the member countries had both a common set of values and legal principles from which to work and a forum within which to promote human rights, there was relatively little focus on human rights issues

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Access To Information

Our Access to information programme advocates for the realisation of people’s basic human right to access information from government and other public bodies in Commonwealth countries. Read More

Strategic Initiatives Program

The strategic Initiatives Programme (SIP) oversees CHRI’s broad mandate of working for the practical realisation of human rights in the countries of the Commonwealth. Read More

Access to Justice

The extremes of poverty and wealth and the extreme power chasm between citizens and those in power has led to unbalanced, corrupt, power-hungry, decrepit and failing justice systems in many of the Commonwealth countries. Read More



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Access to Information

  • Jul 25, 2016

NGOs, Their Executives Asked To File Assets Detail By July 31


  • Jul 01, 2016

Strategic Initiatives

  • Jul 28, 2016

Latest Round of Executions in Indonesia for Drug-related Offenses



CHRI/UNHCR to hold workshop for welfare officers in West Bengal

When: 26 July, 2016


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Right to Information Learning Programme

When : 23-29 May, 2016
Where: Delhi


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Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

When:  23-27 May, 2016

Where:  Vienna, Austria

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