In the Field - a new podcast on India and development - available now!

In the Field - a new podcast on India and development - available now!

Tue, Oct 24, 2017

In The Field’ is a show that attempts to capture India’s development story, as it happens, through a feature-style podcast that combines interviews, commentary, and debate. By showcasing the ideas that drive the development agenda, and the people working at the forefront of these issues, the show will tell a larger story, one that links backs to the daily actions of all people. We want to muddle the typical problem-solution, hero-villain or donor-recipient narrative common to development work, and change the way listeners understand their role and position in relation to each of the issues we present.We also hope to start a conversation about culture: the culture of development work as we practice it and to examine how it influences social progress in India today.

Episodes will be released every two weeks, and in each episode we will pick up an issue or idea India is trying hard to overcome and we will talk to people working on its solutions.

The first episode looks at the issue of stunting and malnutrition. With no easy policy solutions, a glut of expert views, and a collective anxiety about its high occurrence, we tried to wrap our heads around the problem to find out what we ought to be doing about it.

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