People, cops helpless as cybercrime goes out of control

June 23 | Deccan Herald

With increasing mobile coverage and cheaper data, more and more Indians now access the internet even while on the move. This has exposed unsuspecting ones to fall prey to online fraudsters. Many become victims of sexual exploitation after being made to share personal details while some others use the new media like WhatsApp to spread fake news to create trouble for political and other gains. There have been several lynching incidents in the country in the past couple of years after fake messages about child lifting and cow slaughter were spread through social media...

Devika Prasad, coordinator (Police Reforms) in Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative highlights that several crimes against women have now cyber dimensions and there is an urgent need to address these. “Cybercrime investigators should have a fixed tenure and should be selected through a strict criteria,” she told DH. Read the full story here.