Diplomat Says India Detached from Gross Abuses in Maldives

The Maldives has come under the scrutiny of two international human rights organizations, the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative and Amnesty International. In February this year, both issued reports highly critical of the government of the Maldives, including claims of "alarming reports of human rights violations, threats to democracy and the rule of law... [A] slide to authoritarianism accompanied by a flagrant disregard to rule of law, good governance and human rights... exacerbated by the rise of radicalised non-state actors relentlessly harassing those perceived to be secular, unorthodox or 'un-Islamic'... the country provides fertile ground for terrorist recruitment... inappropriate judicial overreach and interventionism... a politically motivated and an unfair trial [of Mohamed Nasheed]... political opponents taking part in peaceful demonstrations were arrested... political rallies were attacked by gangs suspected of working in collaboration with the police..." More