A common mission

CJI Gogoi [said], “I am trying to make justice accessible while acting as executive chairman of National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) for the last one year. I do not know how far I have succeeded. A different approach and a different thinking are needed for it and it will be forthcoming in the near future.” In pursuance of this laudatory goal and continuity of approach, the India Legal Research Foundation (ILRF) volunteers its participatory support to Justice Lokur and NALSA. It may be of help to take a cue from a Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) report titled “Hope Behind Bars”.  

Some of the key findings of the CHRI report are that per capita spending on legal aid in India is only Rs 0.75 (one of the lowest in the world), 14 percent of the total funds allocated to state legal services authorities remain unutilised and the legal aid scheme administered by NALSA is plagued by lack of accountability and quality. The report further said that almost 80 percent of India’s population is eligible for legal aid and while the NALSA framework is quite detailed, ac­tual delivery falls short. Read more.