$235 will help me come home

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Thirty two year old Adams Benson Oladetan, a Nigerian national continues to remain incarcerated in Presidency Correctional Home in Kolkata, India well past the official date of his release for lack of funds to return to his home country, Nigeria. Oladetan finished his sentence on 9th April 2017.

The High Commission of Nigeria in New Delhi verified his nationality and issued an Emergency Travel Certificate which will enable him to fly to his home in Ibadan, Nigeria. The Commission however is unable to sponsor his travel tickets.

 A one way ticket from Kolkata to Lagos costs approximately $700 USD. CHRI pursued his friends who came together to raise $465 USD but they are still short of $235 USD. In the absence of funds, he will continue to be detained indefinitely. Any monetary assistance given would aid his timely return. Read More