"101 Things" mobilization in Mathare

On Saturday May 28th our members– Stevo, Esther, Jatha, Martin and James– engaged in walking mobilizing forums  across  Mathare to talk to residents about their rights before the police. They were equipped only with their steady voices and the very important “101 Questions: Things you want to know about the police but were too afraid to ask” booklet recently published by the Katiba Institute in collaboration with the Commonwealth Human Rights Institute and the Danish Dignity Institute.

MSJC  was welcomed by residents who suffer police abuse on a daily basis. From mothers, sisters, cousins, brothers, fathers and neighbours everyone had a question that was important and that contributed to building all of our knowledge and solidarity before the many state violations they face.

We always know that we have rights before the police, aren’t we human?, but we never know exactly what they are especially in places like Mathare when you can be arbitrarily detained on trumped up charges and when all the police know is gunspeak. Full Article