US filmmaker visits CHRI office to begin shoot for a powerful story of hope conquering adversity

Film director Eren Aksu (Centre in white T-shirt) and cinematographer Kevin Tsukii (khaki shirt, next to CHRI director Sanjoy Hazarika) of the Emblematic Group in California, US, during a break in filming at the CHRI Delhi Headquarters. Also in the picture is Kanhaiya, in blue shirt between Eren and Kevin, whose story and that of his mother make for a gripping tale which the California duo are here to make as part of a Facebook Oculus Project. The story of Kanhaiya and his mother is one of hope against huge adversity: she was jailed for alleged murder, spent 19 years in prison just because she could not afford bail bond of 5000 rupees and it was Kanhaiya, who after leaving jail (a child cannot stay with a parent for more than six years in jail) found a job far away from their home district of Bulandshahr, raised the money for a lawyer and then finally battled to enable her release.  Niyati Singh, researcher in the Director's office, and Raja Bagga, Programme officer, Prison Reforms unit, CHRI, who are accompanying the team, are also in the pictures.