Concluded: Workshops on using RTI information to further journalism, governance in Bangladesh


We at CHRI are committed to the promotion and awareness of human rights. To this end, we regularly conduct consultations, workshops and meetings in Commonwealth Countries. This past week, we conducted in Dhaka and Mymensingh in Bangladesh workshops on the “Use of RTIs in journalism” and “Using RTI to reform governance”. In Dhaka, our workshop was held in collaboration with Shujan, where speakers, including Nilesh Ekka of the Association for Democratic Reforms explained how they use RTI in their work.

In small groups, participants worked to draft RTIs on issues such as EVMs, budget, spending patterns and decisions of the Election Commission, among other things.

At the Mymensingh workshop, our team discussed with civil society representatives the principals of “Using RTI to reform governance”.

The workshops -- being conducted with the support of FNF South Asia -- are our third workshop with media persons in Dhaka this past year! Stay tuned for more updates.