A Brown Bag lunch with Mr. Kishore Bhargava


June 12, 2017

New Delhi

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) hosted an energetic discussion with Mr. Kishore Bhargava, CEO of Linkaxis Technologies and member of the Governing Board of the Society for Development Communications today. He spoke on the topic of ‘Personal Technology for the 21st Century' at a Brown bag lunch attended by office staff.

Initiating the conversation, Mr Bhargava said that the number of internet users within India had risen to 350 million users, at par with China, and this was largely attributable to growing mobile phone usage. Consequentially, this would have an impact on the circulation and consumption of data. A data-saturated world presented various opportunities for individuals, particularly human rights advocates, to use this information to track and respond to various challenges as they develop.

Mr Bhargava described Big Data as massive amounts of data that could be analysed to reveal patterns and correlations. With large quantities of data in circulation, he also spoke about the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and how the latter was used in daily life and could be used in tandem with big data to predict results in a more accurate manner, and implement change, if necessary. For this he gave the example of the scale of data generated by a single traffic intersection- for the signals in an hour, every day, every week, for a year, and analysing this to remedy traffic problems in parts of Bengaluru.

He provided anecdotes of cyberstalking and hacking, highlighting the importance of individuals and organisations, especially those handling sensitive data, remaining vigilant against any threats of theft.

Mr. Sanjoy Hazarika, Director, CHRI, moderated the discussion, which is part of a series of lunches with scholars, professionals and others enabling them to speak on issues of their concern and provide a discussion forum with CHRI staff.