CHRI’s Jail Mail Hits Home


Guess what? The National Human Rights Commission read our Jail Mail, an occasional online feature put together by the intrepid members of our Prison Reform team. Jail Mail points to the many flaws within the criminal justice system and recommends courses of action but this is the first time the NHRC has heeded Jail Mail.

The last two dispatches from CHRI (here and here) put a spotlight on the ongoing violence across prisons in Uttar Pradesh and dismal oversight on prison conditions.

The NHRC directed the State Human Rights Commission of Uttar Pradesh to look into the matter.

In a letter dated  June 28, 2016  the SHRC asked the District Magistrate, Varanasi, to inquire into  the matter and report back to the Commission by August 1, 2016.

Back in December 2015, when Jail Mail was in its infancy, the Haryana SHRC also took note of our work, made time to inspect prison conditions and issue immediate directives to correct problems within several jails in the state.

Watch this space. We are being heard.