A take on issues including deaths of eight Bhopal prisoners

September 16, 2016

November 17, 2016

"The last weeks have gone in a whir. There was a jailbreak at a central  prison  in Bhopal where high security prisoners, all SIMI activists – not convicts but undertrials, opened their cells, allegedly killed a guard, tied many sheets to each other, tossed it over a wall, climbed up and walked out. Just like a Bollywood film – but one with a bloody ending…"

A wide-ranging column by CHRI director Sanjoy Hazarika spotlights issues including the deaths of eight prisoners in Bhopal and the plight of “foreigners” (read Bangladeshis) in India. A PDF of the page in the Assam Tribune where the column appears is here. The points of view in this column are the writer’s own.