London, United Kingdom

CHRI’s London office (registered charity no. 803325) is uniquely positioned to influence human rights in the Commonwealth. Our presence in London puts us to be at the heart of Commonwealth activity, particularly in the lead-up to the Commonwealth Summit (CHOGM 2018), which will be hosted in London in Spring 2018.

It is essential that human rights are a core concern at CHOGM 2018, and CHRI is leading international efforts to achieve this. Additionally, the London office is leading advocacy to achieve Commonwealth action on achieving SDG8.7 at the summit. CHOGM 2018 will also see the UK designated as the Chair-in-Office of the Commonwealth for a period of two years, creating a unique moment when both the Chair-in-Office and the official Commonwealth bodies are both in the same location.

CHRI London works through targeted engagement with the Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth institutions and organisations, as well as member states through their diplomatic missions in London. Our strategy for the period 2016-2020 focuses on holding the Commonwealth to account on human rights commitments; amplifying the work of CHRI through Commonwealth liaison; and strengthening the Commonwealth for human rights. 

These priorities build upon the strong record of CHRI London, which we have built since our activism during the Nigerian dictatorships of the 1990s, and recently we have been particularly influential in relation to post-conflict Sri Lanka as well as leading advocacy for Commonwealth action on the deteriorating situation in the Maldives, which was key to the Maldives inclusion on the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group Agenda.

London Office

Room No. 219

School of Advanced Study

South Block, Senate House

Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

United Kingdom


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