Accra, Ghana

As the Headquarters in India began to stabilise itself, the governing boards of CHRI decided to create an office in Africa to pay greater attention to the 15 Commonwealth countries in Africa. The office was set up in 2001 in Ghana, a stable, democratic and increasingly influential African Commonwealth country, where there was also a welcome for the initiative. CHRI’s Africa Office follows the same mandate and focus areas as the Headquarters, and mirrors the same patterns of progression in its work.  As it slowly took root in Ghana, the office had to deal with similar dilemmas as the office in India had: to balance its role as an international organisation having a wide geographical mandate, with the expectations from a human rights organisation within Ghana itself.

Ghana Office

House No. 9, Samora Machel Street Asylum
Down, Opposite Beverly Hills Hotel Near
Trust Towers, Accra,

+233 302 971170

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