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Home Office ‘locking migrants in rooms for more than 13 hours a day’ in breach of human rights

The Home Office has been accused of locking migrants up in their rooms for more than 13 hours a day in “degrading” and insanitary conditions, in breach of their human rights. Detainees at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre have lodged a High Court challenge to the lock-in regime and living conditions at the centre, which psychologists say is likely to have a “highly adverse effect” on detainees’ mental health.

Human rights concerns from job interview lead to $56,000 ruling

Workplace discrimination is an issue faced by many people across Canada. Many know that there is legal recourse for human rights concerns related to termination, but what happens when a person doesn't even get a job for discriminatory reasons? A Cold Lake, Alberta, resident was recently awarded $56,000 in lost wages and damages from a company that refused to hire him due to his sexual orientation and race. The male complainant is married to another man, who serves as an RCMP officer in the area. In the summer of 2014, he was interviewed for an office assistant job at a local auto body shop. During the 75-minute interview, the applicant was asked questions about religion, marriage, race and sexual orientation. The interviewer, who also happened to be the mayor of Cold Lake, advised the interviewee that he did not want to be politically correct and asked very direct questions about these topics. He also mentioned that he was Catholic and alluded to his beliefs on homosexual marriage. The complainant brought these human rights concerns to a tribunal.

Manerela to build LGBTI inclusiveness among Malawi faith community

One of Malawi's faith based organisations Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected with HIV and Aids (MANERELA) has embarked on a new project under the theme 'Building LGBTI Inclusive Faith Communities in Malawi'. This was revealed at an orientation of Religious Leaders on Advocacy and Human Rights Sexuality which took place at T and D Lodge located in the Eastern Region District of Zomba on Tuesday 14th November 2017. According to MANERELA Administrative and Finance Officer Allie Mwachande, the project will be implemented in four districts of Zomba, Mangochi, Salima and Nkhatabay and will run for one year with funding from Arcus Foundation to the tune of $50,000 USD. Mwachande said one of the objectives of the project is to ensure that faith leaders develop an understanding of human sexuality as a starting point for creating an enabling environment for the key population and other sexual minorities.

“Access to education will create meaningful lives for refugee youth” – President Akufo-Addo

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has indicated that, in his view, access to education is the only way by which the world can foster a sense of cohesion and solidarity amongst displaced persons, especially of those of school going age, and, help create for them, an enabling environment, which will spur them on to lead more purposeful and dignified lives. According to President Akufo-Addo, education is the key to human development and to widening life’s options for individuals and society as a whole, stating that it is the hope of every mother and father that education will help their children escape poverty and give them access to a good life.