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Right to Information: International



South Asian Regional Workshop
CHRI expanded its programme to South Asia by a workshop held in Dhaka where representatives from Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India met and discussed the issue in all its aspects. Responses to the workshop suggest a high level of interest in the issue and in the process of concerted action for a campaign for a legislated right in the sub-continent. Several suggestions have been received from the participants for country workshops to bring the issue into the mainstream campaigns locally.

CHRI presented a paper at the Pan African Conference on Human Rights, Peace and Good Governance at Harare, establishing linkages in the African experience and opening avenues of exchange of ideas. The session on right to information evinced a high level of interest in the participants and created avenues for further networking on the issue (click here for the report on the Right to Information session).

CHOGM 1999
A workshop on right to information and a film show followed by a discussion was hosted at the Commonwealth People's Centre at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet (CHOGM) in Durban, South Africa, in November 1999.