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Police Reforms: Africa
Police Reforms: Too Important to Neglect, Too Urgent to Delay


Publications and Articles

Home-grown anti-terror Bill best option by Michelle Kagari, 4 March 2004

Culture of impunity hindering reforms by Michelle Kagari, 25 February 2004

Daily Nation, 4 February 2004 - It's time for radical police reforms - Michelle Kagari

Law Reform : An Essential Part Of Police Transformation - Michelle Kagari - Published in the East African Law Society Quarterly Magazine, December 2003

East African Standard, 25 July 2003 - Police Department Overdue for Reform - Nancy Khisa

Special Report - Little Cause for the Police Force to Celebrate - Nixon Ng'ang'a

Opinion Piece - Culture Change must follow better police pay - Catherine Riungu

What's a Constitution Worth?: Bringing an Illegal Detention to Light - Joshua N. Auerbach (Published in the New Vision Newspaper, Uganda, January 2003)

African nations keen to put their police forces into a more benign role

Police on the Agenda in East Africa? - Joshua Auerbach

Without Moi, Anything is Possible! Or is it? - Michelle Kagari

You can't fight graft in secret - Michelle Kagari

Kenyans crave an accountable service - Michelle Kagari

Why police need policy on use of force - Michelle Kagari ( Click here to view the public responses to this article )

Lift ridiculous road-blocks to knowledge - Joshua Auerbach

Setting the 'Agenda' for an Era of Change - April 2003 Conference on Police Reform in Kenya - Joshua Auerbach

Police Accountability in Kenya: Seize the moment - Published as part of CHRI report of the Roundtable Conference on Police Reform - Joshua Auerbach

Anti-terror Bill an affront to human rights - Michelle Kagari

Campaign Against Enactment of the Suppression of Terrorism Act in Kenya - Kenya Human Rights Commission