What We do

Where we Work : International

CHRI's International Access to Information (ATI) Programme focuses on monitoring and supporting the push for recognition and implementation of the right to information throughout the 54 states of the Commonwealth, and within the institutions of the official Commonwealth itself. CHRI provides technical expertise to Governments and civil society for drafting ATI laws that meet international best practice standards. CHRI current focus is in the Commonwealth Member States of South Asia and Africa.

Networking: CHRI works to support the local efforts of right to information advocates in Commonwealth member states. A key feature of CHRI's International ATI Program is networking and partnering with grassroots organisations throughout the Commonwealth which are committed to the right to information. CHRI convenes the South Asia Right to Information Advocates Network (SARTIAN) a network of RTI practitioners from civil society, the media, governments and information commissions. Organisations that wish to work with CHRI should not hesitate to contact us.

Support for legislating and implementing RTI: Facilitating the effective entrenchment of the right to access to information in member states and the institutions of the Commonwealth is one of the key aims of CHRI's International ATI Program. To this end, CHRI is active not only in reviewing and commenting upon draft laws, but also in assisting like-minded organisations to exchange best practice and lessons learned. CHRI’s expertise is increasingly being called upon to assist with the process of crafting and/or implementing ATI laws in non-Commonwealth countries in Africa, West Asia and South Asia.

Advocacy: CHRI's advocacy in support of the right to information is primarily directed towards the Official Commonwealth, governments and key stakeholders in member states, as well as the citizens of the Commonwealth themselves.

Workshops: CHRI organises and participates in right to information workshops designed to raise awareness of the value of the right to information - among policy-makers, NGOs and the public - and to disseminate best practice and lessons learned.

Research & Publications: CHRI is active in undertaking original RTI research and producing RTI publications, including our seminal report, "Open Sesame: Looking for the Right to Information in the Commonwealth".

Web-based RTI resources: This website is a key feature of CHRI's International RTI Program, as the related pages provide a collection of materials of relevance to Commonwealth RTI advocates, including international standards, Commonwealth guidelines and member states' laws. CHRI also sources relevant articles on the right to information from throughout the world and collects them on this website as a Commonwealth-specific resource for RTI advocates in every member state.