Short-Term Research Assignment for a Project on The Media and Discrimination at the Time of a Pandemic

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit, non-governmental organisation working for human rights across the Commonwealth. CHRI has developed a focus on Access to Information and Access to Justice, particularly police reform and prison reform, in addition to broader human rights advocacy interventions on topical issues in the countries of the Commonwealth. CHRI researches, monitors, and advocates for accountability, transparency and good governance. It makes recommendations to Commonwealth governments on these issues.

CHRI is looking for a Researcher for a project on the media and discrimination at the time of a Pandemic’

Job Description:

Responsibilities include -

  • documentation of hate speech, racial discrimination faced by persons from North East India; documentation of the government’s response to such incidents;
  • recording select testimonies (text, image or video) of those whole have faced race-based attacks and abuse;
  • documentation of the spread of Islamophobia after the Tablighi Jamaat congregation in TV and digital news media, as well as social media; documentation of the government’s response to it; 
  • recording select testimonies (text, image or video) of those who have faced communal hate speech and abuse in text;
  • critically analysing all documented content to find larger trends and practices in the media; writing a report based on findings, and engaging in the editing and dissemination process of the report.

Period of the Assignment: 10 June – 31 August 2020

Essential Qualifications and Skills:

  • Graduate degree in law, social sciences or journalism. A Master’s degree would strengthen the application.
  • High levels of competence in online research, analytical skills
  • Proven documentation skills from both primary and secondary sources
  • Multimedia savvy, displaying the ability to work with text, video or image formats
  • Knowledge of Indian news media, including its many platforms and key persons in the industry
  • Ability to articulate (verbal and written) in English and Hindi
  • Ability to prepare clear and concise reports

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Experience of 5 years or more in journalism
  • Knowledge of themes and subjects of the project
  • Proven record in research and report writing

Interested candidates should apply with:

  • Current CV
  • Cover letter
  • Three samples of recent writing or video reports/accounts which she/he has produced, scripted and reported
  • Two references from professionals

Remuneration shall be commensurate to relevant experience.

The deadline for applications is June 7, 2019, and should be sent to Please mention the position for which you have applied in the subject line. Incomplete applications will not be considered.