Inviting Proposals for Branding, Design and Web Development Services for Media Project

Inviting Proposals for Branding, Design and Web Development Services for Media Project

Design, Branding and Web Development Services

Call for Proposals


About the Project

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), New Delhi is building an online repository of news pieces published in traditional and digital formats in the form of an online digital archive. The purpose of this project is to preserve news and information shared and circulated during the course of the pandemic as well as document the spread of disinformation and misinformation.

CHRI will operate a web portal that analyzes news and social media narratives and compiles a historical record of their impact on governance and civil liberties as well as the political and social landscapes of the countries of the region. The mandate of the archive is to be a digital resource for present and future research on themes of migration, racism, hate speech and discrimination across three South Asian countries of Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

CHRI is looking for a UI/UX website developer or company that is well versed in creating dynamic websites driven for social impact. An interest in issues related to marginalised communities and human rights will be of advantage to the applicant.

Key Responsibilities


  • Secondary research on similar digital archives to understand the landscape of visual identities that pre-exist.
  • Mood boards to influence and inform design direction
  • Finalisation of a name for the website
  • Brand manual (type, font, logo lock-ups with program extensions)
  • Brand collaterals (basic ppt template, text template and guidelines on how to add text and photography to the ppt)

Website Design

  • Develop UI/UX for website
  • Page architecture and wireframing
  • High fidelity page design
  • Identifying and developing static and dynamic components of the website

Website Development

  • Buy domain name for website
  • Front end development
  • CMS Integration
  • Develop test site (for limited stakeholders and user acceptance testing)
  • Measuring and benchmarking website performance
  • Functional Testing: broken links, images
  • Usability Testing:testing across platforms, mobile devices and tablets
  • Cross browser Testing: site displays accurately for all modern browsers and internet explorer
  • SEO Management
  • Develop and Integrate tools to monitor website traffic and usage including: BlogVault for backup.
  • Develop a digital hygiene checklist for the website, securing the website through malware protection and security firewall.
  • Annual maintenance, service and support

Eligibility Criteria

  • Previous experience in creating an online knowledge hub/ digital repositories.
  • Experience in managing large data sets, data management softwares and document management systems : Airtable, Basecamp Notion etc.
  • Manage and advise on archiving and storing of digital assets (Audio and visual)
  • Manage and advise on content management systems :Wordpress/Joomla (having pre-existing licensing fee to use software)

How to Apply

Please submit your interest with written responses to the following seven specific points within the maximum word count indicated. Please submit your written response in PDF format attached to your response before 4.00 pm on 20th January, 2021.

A. Please submit separate written responses:

  1. Describe your professional/company’s background, services, size, and history as these factors are relevant to the Work, with an emphasis on building knowledge hubs and website development. (150 words)
  2. Identify the person who will be the lead project manager (the “Lead PM”) and primary contact in providing services to CHRI, and any other persons who will be listed as a “key person” in any contract with CHRI.
  3. Identify subcontractors, if any, whom you intend to use for this engagement and describe the services to be performed by each subcontractor. (100 words)
  4. Provide a detailed portfolio of similar work done or products developed in the same area of work

B. Cost Proposal: Provide your cost proposal based upon the requirements set out within this procurement exercise setting out cost breakdown and rationale for all costs clearly indicating GST.

C. Timeline: Provide a breakdown of the key milestones and approx time taken to complete the work

All complete proposals with item-wise budget must be sent via email only and addressed to [D. Mohan Sundaram, Manager Administration] and copied to [Aditya Sharma, Media and Advocacy Officer].

You may also get in touch with Saudamini Zutshi, Project Coordinator (, 9871124263) for any query or clarification on this project.

Last date of submission: By 4.00 pm on 20th January, 2021