Team New Delhi - Media and Communications

Samarth Pathak - Media and Communications, New Delhi Office

Samarth Pathak is a public advocacy and communications specialist currently associated with CHRI as Communications Officer. Samarth has previously worked with UN-SDSN, TERI and ANI-Reuters TV. His experience encompasses policy analysis and advocacy, Track II Diplomacy, strategic communications, and news reporting and production. He currently writes for The Huffington Post and is a Fellow at the Brussels-based South Asia Democratic Forum ( His writings have been published in The Guardian, Reuters Alertnet, Dawn, The Kashmir Times, Hardnews and The Asian Age. Samarth received his M.A. in Human Rights and Duties from the Department of Political Science, Jamia Millia Islamia and B.A (Honours) in Journalism from the University of Delhi. He can be reached at