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The Department of Economic Affairs of the Government of India has come out with a Draft National Policy on Public Private Partnerships. Stakeholders have been asked to comment on its contents. The Draft Policy attached and may also be accessed at:

CHRI has submitted comments on the Draft Policy. Our preliminary comments are also attached as MSWord and PDF documents. The main recommendations are copied below for your easy reference. Please note that we have only commented on isues relating to transparency, accountability and people's participation. We have not adressed other legal, economic and comercial implications of this Draft Policy as that task requires a different kind of expertise.

This note is being circulated to everybody for the purpose of discussion and debate. Kindly circulate this within your networks.

The deadline for submission of comments on the Draft Policy was 15th October. However there is no harm in submitting comments even now as this is a much-debated topic. Please email your comments to:

Mr. Rajesh Khullar Joint Secretary ( I&I ),

Department of Economic Affairs,

Ministry of Finance Room No: 39-B,

North Block, New Delhi 110001



Ms. Aparna Bhatia

Director PPP Cell

Department of Economic Affairs Ministry of Finance

61, North Block, New Delhi 110 001


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