Information Obtained under India’s RTI Act


Topics Discussed in Cabinet Meetings
in the Government of India

The Council of Ministers is the highest decision making body in the Government of India. The Union Cabinet which comprises of all the Ministers of Cabinet rank and other special invitees meets every Thursday, ordinarily. Extraordinary meetings may also be scheduled as and when required.

The agenda of the meetings of the Union Cabinet is rarely publicised in advance. Information about what was discussed in the Cabinet is also not fully disclosed after every meeting. The Government of India selectively circulates information about the decisions taken at Cabinet meetings through the Press Information Bureau.

Although Cabinet papers are treated as secret documents prior to Cabinet meetings [under Section 8(1)(i) of the RTI Act ], Cabinet decisions along with reasons and the material basis of such decisions must be made public after the decision has been taken and the matter is complete or over. However, in actual practice, not much information about Cabinet meetings is available to people.

A month-wise list of topics discussed at Cabinet meetings since the formation of the United Progressive Alliance Government in June 2009 is given below. This information has been obtained under India’s RTI Act.







January (PIO’s letter)

June-July (PIO’s letter)

February (PIO’s letter)

August (PIO’s letter)


September (PIO’s letter)



May (PIO’s letter)

November (PIO’s letter)