CHRI Africa


At the CHRI Africa office, we work towards improving and promoting human rights in Africa. CHRI opened its Africa Office in 2001, located in Accra, Ghana. Since then, CHRI Africa has quickly evolved into a strong NGO and an important part of the struggle for human rights in Ghana. With a dedicated staff, as well as a vast network of volunteers and interns, CHRI has become a leading force in the fight for human rights in Ghana as well as in the rest of Africa.

Both individually and in partnership with other organization, CHRI Africa has upheld its mandate using a range of different methods. Although CHRI is interested in all aspects of human rights, CHRI Africa is focused on three main areas concerning human rights: Right to Information, Access to Justice and Human Rights Advocacy. This work includes providing expert advice and advocacy for individuals and the representation and articulation of human rights issues in court, the media and communities. CHRI Africa also holds an observer status from the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights which requires, according to section c) and d) of the Resolution on Granting Observer Status to National Human Rights Institutions in Africa, that CHRI Africa

(c) …shall be required to submit reports to the Commission every two years on its activities in the promotion and protection of the rights enshrined in the Charter and;

(d) …will assist the Commission in the promotion and protection of human rights at national level

CHRI will continue to encourage all stakeholders and civil society organizations to engage the government on the need to implement policies and reforms that will advance the fundamental human rights of all citizens and other nationals within and outside the country.