Committees and Expert Groups

High Level Review Committees and Expert Groups

From time to time various Expert Groups and committees are formed to investigate a topic of concern to the Commonwealth.

The Expert Group on Democracy and Development was established at CHOGM 2002to look at ways that the Commonwealth can carry forward the Fancourt Declaration, which is the Heads of Government's 1999 statement on globalisation and people-centred development. The particular focus of the Group's work was on how democracies could be best supported in combating poverty. It presented its report to CHOGM 2003 in Nigeria.

In November 2002, CHRI's Director, Maja Daruwala, made a presentation to the Expert Group's first meeting in London. To see our submission, please click here.

Previous groups have included the High Level Review Group (HLRG) which consisted of 10 Commonwealth Heads of Government who, between CHOGM 1999 and CHOGM 2002, conducted a review of the Commonwealth's role and activities. Below are CHRI's submissions and press releases related to the HLRG.

First Submission, Second Submission andPress Release.