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Upcoming: Rights Behind Bars in Hindi

2015: The Missing Guards - A Study on Rajasthan’s Court Production System

2010: Pre-trial Detention and Access to Justice in Orissa

2010: Conditions of Detention in the Prisons of Karnataka

2010: Standards Behind Bars - Rajasthan

2010: Standards Behind Bars - West Bengal

2010: Standards Behind Bars - Orissa

2010: Standards Behind Bars - Maharashtra

2010: Monitoring Prisons - A Visitor's Guide

2010: Maharashtra's Abandoned Prisons - A Study of Sub-Jails

2009: Liberty at the Cost of Innocence: A Report on Jail Adalats in India

2009: Rights Behind Bars: Landmark Judicial Pronouncements and National Human Rights Commission Guidelines

2009: Right to be released on Bail under sections 436/436A Cr.P.C.

2008: Community Participation in Prisons

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