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Prisons in News (Archives)


CHRI concluded a two day workshop on the 14th and 15th of February 2012 at the State Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Jaipur on the Prison Visiting System for Non-Official Visitors (NOV) to strengthen prison oversight. The main focus of the workshop was to educate NOVs on their rights and duties regarding visits to the prison. [ Read More ]

2010 - We identified the case of Baba Khan (whose name we later found out was Roy Varghese) from the list of under-trial prisoners sent by the Superintendent, Central jail, Jaipur. The case of Baba Khan who has been held in Jaipur Central Jail since 2003 underscores the ambiguity in the law in dealing with persons who are mentally ill and are charged with criminal offences. Given the large number of mentally ill prisoners across Rajasthan, and the country, Baba Khan’s case is an excellent one to highlight.

Prisons in Afghanistan set for overhaul: A major review of US detention policy will recommend a complete overhaul of the prison system in Afghanistan. There have been widespread accusations of abuse at the controversial Bagram prison, which is frequently compared to the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Bagram is the main prison for people detained by the US military forces in Afghanistan. (BBC News, 20/07/09. Click here for the article.)

Prisoner Raju given special treatment in jail: This opinion piece argues that the special treatment afforded to the former chairman of Satyam Computer Services, B. Ramalinga Raju, after he was jailed in Andhra Pradesh on accusations of fraud, is unjustified. Though newspaper reports have emphasized that Raju was treated like any other prisoner, that "ordinary treatment" included exceptional amenities like visits from his personal physician and access to magazines and other amenities was unjustified. Andhra Pradesh law allows for the differential treatment of prisoners based on their socioeconomic status and standard of living, but such classifications violate the Indian Constitution's guarantee of equality. (Sunday Tribune, 09/05/09. Click here for the article.)

Undertrials disenfranchised:The over 12,000 prisoners at Tihar Jail will be unable to vote in the May 7 election, as the law prohibits even under-trials from voting. Section 62(5) of the Representation of the People Act 1951 states that no person will vote if he or she is confined in prison whether under sentences of imprisonment or transportation or otherwise. The National Human Rights Commission is seeking to obtain voting rights for under-trials. (Times of India, 06/05/09. Click here for the article.)

World's most notorious prisons: Foreign Policy magazine compiled a list of the five most notorious prisons in the world: La Santé, in France; Black Beach, in Equatorial Guinea; Vladimir Central Prison, in Russia; Camp 1391, in Israel; and the North Korean Gulag, in North Korea. (Foreign Policy, January 2009. Click here for the article.)

13,000 released from UP prisons: An Amendment to the Indian Criminal Procedure Code has led to the release of 13,000 prisoners in Uttar Pradesh. The amendment provides that if a person is granted bail, but is unable to furnish the bail bond within seven days, he should be declared indigent, and released from jail on his own personal bond. (Indian Express, 20/01/09. Click here for the article.)

Prime accused in Phoolan Devi case background behind bars

Shamsher Singh Rana, the prime accused in the Phoolan Devi murder case, who had escaped from the high-security prison of Tihar Jail more than two years ago, was finally caught again by the Special Cell of Delhi Police in Kolkata. He was nabbed from a phone booth, in Dharamtalla area in Kolkata, where he was staying under the fake name of Sanjay Gupta. Rana had fled from the Tihar Jail in 2004 with the help of one of his acquaintances, Sandeep, who came to Tihar disguised as a police official and took Rana on the pretext of producing him before the Hardwar Court. The Times of India. (26/04/2006)

Explanation for Prison releases due

Charles Clarke, Home Secretary, England is yet to explain the release of 1023 foreign prisoners without even being considered for deportation. Clarke has regretted the act and has maintained that no further convicted foreign nationals will be released in this manner. The Home Secretary has maintained that it was the paucity of resources that forced them to take this decision. British PM, Tony Blair, has expressed his faith in the Home Minister. Click here for details. (26/04/2006)

No more Jailbreaks in Tihar

A Biometric System of access control and communication has been implemented in all the nine prisons of the Tihar Jail complex to prevent jailbreaks. One of the most infamous Jailbreaks from the Tihar Jail was that of Shamsher Singh Rana, who is the prime accused in Phoolan Devi case. In this system, the fingerprints of all the prisoners and the jail staff have been saved into a database. The entry and exit from the complex will be permitted only if the fingerprints are matched. The installation of a biometric system was a recommendation of the S K Cain Committee, which was formed after Rana's jailbreak. The Times of India. (26/04/2006)

200 under trial prisoners await justice

Around 200 Muslim-men, who have been lodged under various charges and have already been in different prisons for a period of around 8 years, are looking forward to the coming elections as a means of speeding up the delivering of final court orders. Of these around 167 are accused in the Coimbatore serial bomb blasts that shook the city in February 1998. The police told their family members that they are being taken only for a routine enquiry. The hardships faced by the family members of these young men (most of them are sole breadwinners in their respective families) are unimaginable. The Chief Investigating Officer, Mr. Rajashekaran admits that these prisoners had no role in the blasts and most of them do not have any evidence against them. Moreover, there are no grounds to deny these prisoners bail. A judgment can be expected in around 3 months after the examination of the pending 20-odd witnesses. The Statesman. (24/04/2006)

Mobile phones find their way into Tihar

The Tihar jail authorities have failed to install mobile jammers in the jail premises, which has led to the influx of mobile phones in the jail. This is providing an easy pathway for the inmates to communicate with the people outside thus paving the way for further crimes. According to the authorities, the presence of large number of densely populated residential colonies in vicinity of the jail is acting as a hindrance to the installation of these jammers. Recently, a prisoner lodged in the high security ward, was found having a mobile phone. The Director General of the Tihar Jail, Mr. R.P. Singh, refused to comment on the matter. The Statesman. (24/04/2006)

The State Duma grants Amnesty thousands of Prisoners

Thousands of prison inmates were unanimously granted amnesty by the State Duma, which is Russia's lower house of Parliament. The passing of the Bill coincided with the 100th Anniversary of the first convening of legislature in Tsarist Russia. It is expected that this Bill will benefit around 3000 prisoners. Click here for details. (19/04/2006)

China accused of selling prisoners' organs

British transplant surgeons of the British Transplant Society have accused China of harvesting the organs of prisoners to sell them for transplants. This accusation has come merely a week after Chinese officials publicly denied such a practice. The Chinese officials have denied the allegations and have declared to make the procedure even more stringent from July. Click here for details. (19/04/2006)

Serco -run doncaster prison in poor condition

Chief Inspector of Prisons Anne Owes has expressed her concern over the falling standard of conditions in Doncaster Prison, which is one of the four prisons run by Serco. The physical conditions in the cells like mattresses, pillows, and toilets etc. were found in a poor state. Though, the Doncaster prison used to be one of the better prisons in Yorkshire, the inspector was concerned that Serco was more focused on saving to meet contractual obligations rather than providing proper conditions to the prisoners. Click here for details. (12/04/2006)

High Court rejects prisoner's stab vest plea

High Court judge Justice Collins rejected the plea of a prisoner who wanted the permission of wearing a stab-proof vest to protect himself from other inmates. The prisoner alleged that he had received threats and such a refusal by the authorities was a violation of his rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. The judge held that there was no positive evidence. Click here for details. (10/04/2006)

Innocent children Languishing in Central Jail

A Pakistani woman, who was deserted by her husband and booked under the Foreigners' Act along with her three children for illegally staying in India, has decided to remarry a Hindu who is a resident of Amritsar. The children were initially kept in juvenile homes but after an order of the Punjab & Haryana High Court, they were ordered to be kept with their mother in the Central Jail, Amritsar. However, now with the release of their mother, the children have started to feel "orphaned". The Sunday Tribune. (09/04/2006)

7 Prisoners dead in Georgian riot
Seven prisoners were killed in Georgia on Monday when riot Police used firearms to put down a rebellion by inmates trying to break out of a jail. Tbilisi. The Times of India- International News. (28/03/2006)

Inmates at prison in South Africa have begun mass hunger strike to demand free HIV treatment
Some 242 inmates at Durban's Westville prison began refusing food after months of negotiations with the government. South Africa's government currently hands out anti-retroviral drugs to about 50,000 inmates who are HIV positive. The prisoners in Westville complain that they have to pay for the necessary identity comments to available for free treatment. Click here
for details. (27/03/2006)

8 detainees released Kotbalwal jail in Jammu
Jammu: The state government released 8 out of 40 detainees recommended by the Joint Review Committee. The state high court had reportedly quashed the detention order of some of the above detainees released. The Joint Review Committee in consultation with the Union Home Ministry had decided to release 40 prisoners lodged in different jails of the state, including three from Sangrur in Punjab. The state government has already submitted a list of more than 400 people to New Delhi for screening. Click here for details. (25/03/2006)

Naxals raid jails, free 40 prisoners
Parlakhemundi (Orissa): More than 40 prisoners escaped when there was an attack by 200-armed naxalities in a jail in Gajapati town, killed policemen and injured another in an exchange of fire which lasted for over two hours. Click here for details.

India to release 40 political detainees in Kashmir
India will release 40 political detainees who have been held in prison in Kashmir for opposing Indian rule, officials said on Wednesday. It was not clear what offences the 40 had been held for, nor how long they had been in prison. No date was announced for the release but officials said the process could take 3-4 days. There are more than 400 political detainees in jails across Kashmir and 77 foreign-born militants are in prisons in other parts of India, officials said. The release of the prisoners comes after a conference last month in which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told Kashmiri leaders the government would look into the issue of releasing some detainees. Click here for details.

The Hague: Bosnian serb to serve 40 years, not life
In a complex ruling, a panel of appeals judges for the international war crimes tribunal upheld the conviction of Milomir Stakic, the former mayor of Prijedor in northern Bosnia, for overseeing a system of wartime detention camps where more than 1,500 non-Serbian prisoners died but cut his life sentence to 40 years in prison. The new sentence, the ruling said, reflected the gravity of the crimes but corrected mistakes made by the trial judges who improperly made his sentence more sever than it should have been. Click here for details.

Prisoner commits suicide under " Suicide Watch"
A mentally ill man who was put on suicide watch was found hanged in his prison cell, an inquest has heard. Lee Crabtree, 32 year old was remand on atlcourse prison in Liverpool after he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He was charged under the section of theft and he was later arrested. The police psychologist decided he was fit to be interviewed. The inquest heard how he was placed on suicide watch on 7 July 2005, threatening to kill himself and prison staff checked him every 15 minutes. Two days later he was discovered hanging from his cell by laces he had borrowed from a young offender. He died in Fazakerley hospital in Liverpool. Click here for details. (22/03/2006)

Jail Break during the storm in Uganda
Less than a month after the mass escape of the prisoners in February 2006 from Arua prison, Uganda, there has again been an escape of more than 55 prisoners from a prison in the north west of Uganda in Adjumani. Most of the prison population lives in overcrowded conditions and there are also limited guards, which lead to these prisoners to escape. Click here for details. (14/03/2006)

Tihar Inmate urge for open jail and court proceedings in Hindi
About more than 400 prisoners have sent a request to the Director General of the prison to take up the matter of conducting the court proceedings in Hindi. They pointed out that this way they would also understand the proceeding. The other thing they requested for was the open jail system in Tihar jail. The Director General said that the proposal was sent to the home ministry for consideration 8 years back but still there has been no response to the letter. For details please refer to The Statesmen and Indian Express. (12/03/2006)

Doctors unite to attack US over Guantanamo
More than 80 inmates at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba had gone on hunger strike in December 2005. Detainees at the camp have said hunger strikers were strapped into chairs and force-fed through tubes inserted in their noses. More than 250 medical experts have signed a letter condemning the US for force-feeding prisoners on hunger strike. The letter also mentioned that doctors who used restraints and force-feeding should be punished by their professional bodies. The US argued that the Geneva Convention does not apply to prisoners at the camp, who, it says, are enemy combatants who continue to pose a threat to national security. Click here for details. (10/03/2006)

Pakistan Supreme Court upholds death sentence to Sarbjit
On September 28, 2005 the Supreme Court of Pakistan had rejected the petition filed by Sarabjit Singh, against the decision of the Lahore High Court and Anti-Terror Court in the Delhi Gate bomb blast case. The double bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has now upheld the death sentence of Sarabjit Singh alias Manjit Singh. His wife Sukhpreet Kaur and sister Dalbir Kaur today sought immediate intervention of the President Mr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam to save his life, as he is a victim of mistaken identity. Now the family members of Sarabjit also want the Indian Government to use its power to reverse the death sentence. Click here for details. (09/03/2006)

U.S Military plans to shift the detainees out from Abu Ghraib
The Abu Ghraib a notorious prison came to highlight throughout the world in the year 2004 when the photographs showing American soldiers inflicting torture to the Iraqi prisoners were published. Now the American military has announced plans to move all its detainees out of Abu Ghraib prison in three months to a new being built prison in Baghdad. The prison complex was also a widely feared center for torture and execution under the rule of Saddam Hussein. Click here for details. (09/03/2006)

Bahamas: Privy Council abolishes mandatory death sentence
The death penalty remains in force in much of the English-speaking Caribbean region. Sixteen people have been executed in the Bahamas since 1973, six in the last ten years. The UK-based Judicial Committee of the Privy Council JCPC, which is the highest court of appeal for most of the countries in the English-speaking Caribbean region, gave a landmark decision to abolish the mandatory death sentence for those convicted of murder in the Bahamas. In its judgment the Privy Council stated that the mandatory death penalty should have been regarded as inhuman and degrading punishment as early as 1973 when the Bahamian constitution was redrafted following the country's independence. The cases of at Least 28 prisoners currently on death row will now have to be reviewed. Amnesty International opposes the death penalty as a violation of the right to life and the ultimate cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment. Click here for details. (09/03/2006)

Prisoners 'freed' in Nepal attack
The recent attack by the Maoist rebels at the government offices including local jail has freed more than 100 prisoners from the hill town of Ilam Bazaar in eastern Nepal. At least 12 people including seven rebels were killed. Click here for details. (06/03/2006)

Amnesty Report on 14000 prisoners- Abuses continue in Iraq
Amnesty International accused the United States and its allies of committing widespread abuses in Iraq including torture and the continued detention of thousands of prisoners without charge and trial. The accusation was on the basis of the ill treatment of the detainees by the American guards in Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. In its report, "Beyond Abu Ghraib: Detention and Torture in Iraq," Amnesty International also said the level of abuse by Iraqi forces since the transfer of power in June 2004 was increasing. The ill treatment shows the established procedures, which deprive detainees of human rights. The report figure of more than 14,000 prisoners were held in Iraq, 4850 in Baghdad, 7365 at Camp Bucca and more than 1,100 in the north. For details visit and

Algeria to free jailed Islamists
Algiers: The total number of 2629 Islamists jailed during civil strife has been released after more than a decade as a part of a drive for national reconciliation as quoted by the minister Tayeb Belaiz in the government- controlled newspaper El Moudjahid. The amnesty approved by the government on Feb. 21st also gave Islamic guerrillas fighting the authorities six months to surrender and receive a pardon provided they were not responsible for massacres, rapes and the bombings of public places. The last prison release was on 1999. For details click here. (05/03/2006)

US ex-nurse jailed for 22 murders
Charles Cullen 46 pleaded guilty for killing 22 New Jersey patients in his care and three attempted murders. He will be sentenced for seven further killings and three more attempts. He will be sentenced for seven further killings and three more attempts, which he committed in Pennsylvania at a later date. When he was caught he told investigators that he performed mercy killings to end the suffering of terminally ill patients. For details clickhere. (03/03/2006)

Libya frees political prisoners
Libya has released 130 prisoners from a prison in Tripoli. The 85 political prisoners were members of the Muslim Brotherhood (political party outlawed in Libya), most of them were professionals and students originally tried by the People's Court- a court that was abolished last year. The detainees were freed under an amnesty from the government. For details click here. (02/03/2006)

China: Guangdon bag snatchers may face death penalty
China has signed the ICCPR, and in doing so has signalled its intention to ratify that treaty. But according to an announcement made by the Guangdong provincial authorities regarding the extending of the death penalty to those thieves who use violence has raised alarm among the public and human rights organizations. The official Chinese press stated that over 80,000 people had been convicted of 'robbery' and 'violent robbery' in Guangdong between 2003 and 2005, accounting for more than one-third of the total number of criminals convicted. Mark Allison, East Asia researcher at Amnesty International said, "Extending the death penalty to cover more crimes goes against the international trend towards abolition."Any increase in the use of the death penalty is contrary to the strong international trend away from the use of capital punishment. One hundred and twenty-two countries now no longer have the death penalty in law or practice and only a fraction of the world's nations actually carry out executions. China should follow this trend and implement the first steps towards the abolition of the death penalty rather than increase its scope. For more details click here. (01/03/2006)

Kolkata, India: The West Bengal state Government has introduced video-conferencing for trial of prisoners at some districts of the state, in an effort to speed up the justice delivery system.

FYI- There are 13,54,000 criminal cases pending in West Bengal. Of these, 52,000 cases are pending at the Sessions Courts. While the State has a population of over 8 crore, there are only 119 Sessions Court judges i.e. one Sessions judge per 6,70,000 people. (18/01/2006)

45 years in jail for three-years penalty
India: Shankar Dayal a native from Unnao district, Varanasi was released from Unnao district jail after 45 years. He was booked under the sections 323 and 324 of the IPC in the year 1961 and was jailed for three years of penalty crime, which extended to 45 years. Shankar Dayal after half decade in the jail has virtually lost his memory and was also kept in the mental hospital.

In his case magistrate had mentioned the failure of Shankar to furnish his bail bonds. He has been released is back with his family. (14/01/2006)

Bail for 70 year old in prison since 68
Lucknow, India: One Mr. Rajaram, spent 35 years in jail and a Varanasi mental hospital after he was arrested in September 1970 on petty theft charge. The charges were never proved and a district court finally ordered his release from Faizabad jail. He was kept behind bars for thirty-five years and the police is now unsure if there was even an FIR lodged against him. Speaking to the media the concerned police officer said, ''we searched for the FIR and case register of Rajaram at the police station, but we could not find any papers. I can not say if an FIR was lodged against him or not as I don't have any proof.'' Click here for details. (13/01/2006)

Innocent man spends 15 months in jail
Ludhiana (India):
The suspicion of an industrialist has cost an innocent factory employee about 15 months of freedom. The victim named Ajay Lal, a migrant from Bihar, had to spend these months in jail even as the police had busted a gang that had confessed of committing the nickel theft, for which the man was falsely implicated. He was arrested in the month of October 2004, and released from the jail in the last week of January this year. Eagerness of the police to solve a theft case, the illegal detention has deprived a poor and innocent worker from his job and salary and caused so much hardship to the family. (13/01/2006)

USA : More than hundreds of mentally ill offenders are executed in US, since executions resumed in 1977. Dozens of these people had histories of serious mental impairment, either from before the crimes for which they were convicted, or at the time of their execution. Click here for details. (31/01/2006)

Vietnam: Nguyen Khac Toan a former soldier, maths teacher and businessman was jailed for emailing details of farmers' protests about official corruption and land confiscation to the overseas Vietnamese groups. He was arrested in January 2002, charged with "spying" and sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment and three years' house arrest after his release. He was released on 24th January to mark the lunar day. Click here for details. (26/01/2006)

India: An Indian man Machang Lalung from Silsang, Assam spent more than 50 years in jail without trial. Seventy-seven years old Machang Lalung was arrested in 1951 and was booked for "causing grievous hurt". The offence normally results in 10 years imprisonment but the Police said there was no evidence to support the allegation. Now the Supreme Court has awarded 300,000 rupees compensation to Machang Lalung for 50-years jail error. Click here for details. (11/01/2006)

India: President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has asked the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee to give him a list of Sikhs who have been languishing without trial in cells in foreign countries after being duped by travel agents. Many youths from the Sikh community are in foreign jails without trial. Click here for details. (3/01/2006)

Prison Visiting System: Changes proposed in rules relating to the appointment and guidance to Prison Visitors.
The amended rules cited at this page were drafted by CHRI consultant for custodial institutions to replace the existing rules in the state of Rajasthan but since the rules governing the appointment and guidance of prison visitors are more less the same, this draft amendment can be used by the other states for the base of changes in their prison rules with regard to prison visiting system. Click here for details.

Prison Act 1894: The Proposed Draft Bill to replace the existing Prisons Act 1894.
This draft bill was proposed for the state of Rajasthan only but this draft can be used by other states to enact similar bill for their respective states. Click here for details.

22/8/2005: One of our Prison Unit members had attended a District Judges Conference held in Visakapatnam on 22nd august 2005, where in he proposed about various measures that can be taken by judiciary to improvise the justice delivery to the prisoners. The measures proposed were-:

  1. To establish Legal Cell in the prison as per proceeding of State Legal Service Authority, ROC No. 818/LSA/2001, dated 02-02-2001.
  2. To establish Prisoners Grievance Deposit Boxes in the CP, VSK, to be opened exclusively by Dist Sessions as perSunil Batra II v/s Delhi Administration, 1980 (3) Supreme Court Cases 521.
  3. The Courts should send bail orders in Duplicate to the prisons and the second copy should contain the acknowledgement of the prisoners having received the copy of the order.
  4. To organize regular Jail Adalats in the prison so as to dispose the cases as fast as possible.

The Judges and District Principal Judge highly appreciated all these measures. They further issued series of circulars and they have also opened a Legal Cell in the prison with the help of an NGO named Mahila Chaitanya Sravanthi.

CHRI has submitted a report on the "Study of Women in Custodial Establisments" in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu assigned by the National Commission for Women to Smt. Girija Vyas, Chairperson of the Commission on April 15, 2005.

Madhya Pradesh, India:

Prisoners are a condemned lot and the tiny cells and harsh prison conditions that houses them condemns them twice. However the Bhopal Central Jail in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh proved it untrue after it became the first jail in the world to get the ISO 9001-2000 certificate. Click here for details.(29/6/2004)

Bangladesh :

Overcrowding, unhygienic living conditions and scarcity of water supply in the Dhaka Central Jail expose the inmates to various diseases like tuberculosis, jaundice, peptic ulcer, diarrhoea, heart disease,and skin related diseases etc. Having a capacity of 2,650, it currently houses more than 11,000 prisoners including both convicts and undertrials. On an average 500 inmates visit hospitals everyday. The hospital is ill equipped with four doctors and a single nurse to attend to the patients every day and not a single gynaecologist is present to attend to the 300 odd female prisoners. Click here for details. (12/04/04)

Rajasthan :

In Rajasthan, once again five undertrial prisoners escaped after cutting through the iron bars of the cell in Nimbaheda sub-jail of district Chittorgarh. Click here for details. (12/04/04)

Kerala :

  • In the Kenner Central Jail of Kerala, a clash broke out between the two groups of inmates belonging to rival political parties CPI(M) and BJP killing one inmate of CPI(M) and injuring two others. Jail authorities said that a group of inmates belonging to BJP attacked their rivals of CPI(M) with iron rods near the prison canteen at Block 7. Click here for details. (7/04/04)
  • In Kerala, the leader of the Opposition, Mr V.S.Achuthanandan and the CPI(M) State Secretary, Mr Pinarayi Vijayan demanded the Government to conduct a judicial inquiry into the clash that took place in Kannur Central Jail killing one inmate belonging to CPI(M) and injuring two others. They said that the Government should bear full responsibility for such a gruesome act and demanded to take stern action against the attackers. Mr Achuthanandan accused the jail officials saying that weapons used by the RSS elements could not be brought into jail without the knowledge of the jail officials and further said that despite being witnesses to the attack, jail authorities didn't intervene. The BJP State President also demanded a judicial inquiry into the incident while strongly protesting against the discrimination taking place between the prisoners. Click here for details. (8/04/04)
  • The State President, Janata Dal (Secular) sought a judicial probe into the incident that took place in Kannur Central Jail accusing the jail authorities that the weapons used by the attackers could not be brought inside the jail premises in the absence of the authorities. He expressed resentment on the lapse of security within the jail premises. Click here for details. (12/04/04)
  • The Government of Kerala has reconstituted the State Prison Review Commission appointing retired High Court Judge, M.R.Hariharan Nair as the Chairman. The Committee will consider cases relating to life convicts and the recommendations made by the Committee will be put forth to the Government. Click here for details. (12/04/04)

Bangladesh :

  • In one and a half years the Government has implemented 25 decisions proposed by the Cabinet Committee on Jail Reform. Another 23 decisions are in the process of implementation. Annexes to certain jails have already been built and the Government has set up six safe housing centers for women inmates and their children in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Jessore, Khulna, Sylhet and Chittagong. Click here for details.(05/04/04)

  • In Bangladesh, over 11, 000 inmates detainees and convicts, including 250 women, have been lodged in the oldest prison in Bangladesh. 11,000 inmates have been lodged in a jail with a capacity of 2,650 inmates, housing four times its capacity. One detainee, released on bail disclosed that there is no proper drainage system and the building is in a dilapidated condition, despite the existence of recommendations made by the Jail Reform Commission. An unidentified Home Ministry official has expressed that the government has provided additional space for 400 inmates in different jails over the last two years, and even if the Government implements other plans to increase the capacity of the jails only 2500 inmates will get space. Click here for details.(05/04/04)

  • In B'baria jail of Bangladesh, 7 seven teenaged boys have been lodged violating a jail rule that provides teenagers shall be lodged only in a juvenile correction centre.Click here for details. (23/03/04)

Jail Breaks In Rajasthan, India:

Stories of shocking Tihar jail breaks have not withered away yet. In Rajasthan, thirteen prisoners of Deeg prison escaped with a rifle after beating the jail guards. Such incidents show the serious problems cropping up in jail administration due to paucity of staff. Click here for details. (22/03/04)

Prisoners without trials rot in Bangladesh :

Some 7800 inmates remain lodged in the various prisons all over Bangladesh without ever undergoing their trials. Locked on a number of charges ranging from suspicious movement, theft to disturbance of peace, they lie rotting in the corners of the prisons. Law Officials lay the blame on the lack of the governments interest in reforms and efficient trial, while the open truth lies in the fact that whenever the crime rate in the country increases the police tend to pick up near to all the poor people and lock them behind bars. The inefficiency in the network and improper co-ordination have led to such a grim situation. The litigation process is stagnant and by the time one is sentenced, he or she is already spent more time in the prison than the amount of punishment. Click here for details. (17/03/04)

Malaysia prisoners launch protest :

Forty three prisoners in a Malaysia detention center went on a hunger strike to protest the unfair way of being held without a trial or charge. The hunger strikers claimed that they were wrongly indicted and held wrongly and accused for being in terms with a Malaysia terrorist group, the Malaysia Muhahideen. All are protesting against their detention, which under Malaysia's Internal Security Act, can be extended indefinitely without charges being brought. Click here for details. (2/03/04)

Prisoners face new death sentence in South Africa :

Even after the abolition of the death sentence in South Africa, many prisoners feel otherwise. The ever increasing rate of HIV cases within the premises of the prisons have a new story to tell. Cases of rape in the jails are on an alarming rise and the effort eradicate this menace minimal. The lack of both efficient staff and separate accommodation for convicts and undertrials have been the root cause of the circumstance. The government's weak stand on prison support has led to deterioration of the conditions. These circumstances have led the prisoner to believe that the death penalty still does stay in effect. In a recent report on the Cookham wood prison in Rochester, the papers submitted did contain a number of corners where the prison lacked in efficiency and effectiveness. Click here for details. (17/02/04)

40000 detainees await trail in prisons in Nigeria :

Out of the 40000 prisoners in Nigeria, Lagos and Ogun states comprise for the largest number of detainees awaiting a trail. 10000 inmates in Lagos and Ogun states are using the facility of 5,000 inmates. The Ogun state prison houses more than twice the capacity of prisoners and harassment by the staff within the confines of the building are severe. Spread of diseases like Aids and tuberculosis were evident. An assistant comptroller of prisons Mr. Kumolu said that situations would only improve when the government gives a serious thought to the situation. Click here for details. (15/01/04)




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Upcoming UPR review for Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho Granada and Guyana


Humanrights Initiative

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